Start a Local Holy Hikes Chapter

Start a Local Holy Hikes Chapter

The mission of Holy Hikes™ has always been to work towards restoring Communion with all of Creation. Holy Hikes started in 2010 in the Episcopal Diocese of California, however we know this is not the only place where people either are worshipping or longing to worship God alongside the rest of Creation in its constant and unending hymn to the Creator.

As such, we would love to see official Holy Hikes chapters and affiliate eco-ministries planted and networked together across the nation and perhaps even around the world. Would you be interested in starting a local Holy Hikes chapter? Do you have an eco-ministry that would like to affiliate with Holy Hikes? Let’s talk!

Since 2010 and having held dozens of outdoor liturgical hikes we have learned a great deal of best practices in the areas of:

  • promotion/marketing
  • inclusivity of children and elders
  • preparing and offering liturgies outdoors
  • insurance, finances, etc.
  • vessels and vestments
  • picking locations
  • everyday minutia

In planting local Holy Hikes chapters, we would be able to authorize you to use our trademarked Holy Hikes™ name to promote your group like “Holy Hikes- London” or “Holy Hikes- East Michigan,” would provide you with counseling on best practices, and would offer ongoing personal support. Alternatively, if you already have an eco-ministry up and running perhaps you would be interested in joining as an affiliate ministry to pray for, promote, and support one another?

Click here to apply to form a Holy Hikes chapter in your area…

Or contact us through the Contact Form for more details on affiliating your current ministry with Holy Hikes.