Summer Backpacking Opportunity

Summer Backpacking Opportunity

Second Winders is a backpacking organization sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of El Camino Real. In this 34th year, Second Winders is offering a week in a California mountain wilderness in late July or early August. For Adults: Beginners and Experienced. This year, we are hoping Holy Hikes can join up with Second Winders to explore together the beauty of God’s creation! There are two trip options available:

Sun July 20 – Sat July 26 (7 days)
Enjoy 5 layover days at Devil’s Bathtub Lake. Total miles/trip: 8.5 miles (2 hiking days)
Price: Food & Supplies $125 + $70 pack mule assist = $195
*See bottom of email for detailed description*

Sun August 3 – Sun August 10 (8 days)
Ansel Adams Wilderness south of Yosemite: Fernandez trailhead to Ann Lake and Lake Lady. Total miles/trip: 22.9 miles (5 hiking days)
Price: Food & Supplies $140 + $70 pack maul assist = $210
*See bottom of email for detailed description*

If you are a Holy Hiker and are interested in going, please contact the Rev. Justin R. Cannon, Holy Hikes’ Director, at to receive an application form. 


Lake Group Trip
Sun July 20 – Sat July 26

This will be a special trip for those who would like to enjoy a beautiful Sierra lake for an extended period of time for day hikes, relaxation, general hilarity and camaraderie. The trip starts at Lake Edison, located on the west side of the Sierra crest in the John Muir Wilderness, north of Kings Canyon National park. Lake Edison is reached first by driving to Shaver Lake and then past Huntington Lake. This year we will hike to the Devil’s Bathtub, a wide lake half a mile long, nestled in a beautiful glacial canyon at an altitude just shy of 9,200 feet, a few miles north of Lake Edison. Upper parts of the canyon, nearby peaks and the nearby Graveyard Lakes offer day hike destinations. The hike to Devils Bathtub will be a climb of 1,400 feet, about 4 1/2 miles long, and will begin near the pack station about 1 mile north of Lake Edison. Pack horses will take our gear to the lake, but, like last year, we will pack everything out ourselves.

Sierra Striders Trip
Sun August 3 – Sun August 10

Join the Sierra Strider group as we explore the high country in the western part of the Ansel Adams Wilderness, south of Yosemite National Park. The trip starts and ends at Fernandez trailhead. Pack mules will carry our gear to our first destination, Flat Lake. We will have 2 layover days at Ann Lake to soak in views to the east of the Ritter Range with Mount Ritter and Mount Banner. There will be optional day hikes to Fernandez Pass (where we can see the back side of Half Dome), Slab Lakes, and Triple Divide Peak. There will also be a layover day at Lady Lake.